Ideas for Mother's Day Last-Minute Gifts

Every year 8th May is celebrated as Mother’s Day, to cherish motherly love and appreciate their care, attention and efforts.

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Every year 8th May is celebrated as Mother’s Day, to cherish motherly love and appreciate their care, attention, and efforts. Fun fact, Mother’s Day was started in 1868 as a workshop activity to reunite families divided during the Civil war, it was later that an Activist Ann Jarvis celebrated Mother’s Day in memory of her mother who had passed away and it continues till date.

Coming back to the present era, we are in a different world altogether and sometimes might forget about this special day, not to worry there is always something that you can do for your mom with or without gifts and surely, she would be amazed. But if you wanna go that extra mile and still keep it simple, affordable, and meaningful then these last-minute gift ideas are saviors.


Our personal favorite are flowers, you can never go wrong with them but here is the catch. What flowers work best for mothers? For a Mother’s Day exclusive flower arrangement go for a designers/florists choice or you can pick your own and create a custom bunch. To add all the goodness make sure to pick flowers in colors your mom generally likes, for a pink theme you can go for Pink roses, along with some greens. This really speaks of femininity and grace. For a bright theme you can pick Yellow Lilies, Yellow roses and Alstroemeria balance it out with greens or white baby breaths. For a magical flower arrangement, you can pick Carnations which are a symbol of Mother’s Day along with red roses, Chrysanthemums and Lilies.

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Candles are no exceptions for being a great last-minute gift to anyone. Candles are sweet-smelling, bring in warmth and a sense of care much needed for all moms out there. Just pick a pack of candles with a variety of scents and let your mothers pick their favorite. You can go for a hand-poured paraffin or soy candle bundle. Candles create a great atmosphere around and can be used for a relaxing session. They also offer lovely accompaniment to flower bouquets. Our favorite scents are vanilla, fruity and woody.


An amazing gifting option for plant parents, or people who like to have plants around in general. We need it, the environment needs it, plus it's a great activity to indulge in plants and they no doubt make any space feel fresher. Having a plant signifies Nurturing and nature both of which are elements of being a mother. Now, in a world full of plants, which one should you pick? You can go for a unique not-so-green plant. Our pick is Croton Petra Plant. You can also go for flowering plants like Phalaenopsis Orchid.

Self care Session

Plan a pampering session for your mom, maybe a spa day. Or you can also create your own spa at home by decorating with some flowers, candles and essential oils. And you can have a great skin care session along with some soothing music and relaxation.

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