Happy Friendship’s Day: Say It with Flowers

Fun fact friendship flower color is yellow and the official flower for friendship day is yellow rose, known for its bright color, and deep symbolism.

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Friendship is a bond we all have had, friends are people we all wish to make and cherish for life. Someone who would understand you, care for you in tough times, and celebrate in joy. He international friendship day is celebrated on the 30th of July annually. For friendship day you must pick flowers that mean friendship.

Fun fact friendship flower color is yellow and the official flower for friendship day is yellow rose, known for its bright color, and deep symbolism. Apart from yellow roses there are many flowers that you can choose from.

Here is a list from daughters flowers of flowers for friends that will surprise to the fullest -


You can go with a flower bouquet full of roses, since roses are the official flower it would be just right to go for them. You can go with a dozen roses of assorted or single color. You can also go with all shades of pink like magenta, hot pink and light pink along with ivory colored roses. You can also go with a bunch of pink spray roses with green leaves organized in a square vase. Another option you can explore is to go with all white roses and green like leather leaf fern and solidago. Lastly you can go with lavender colored roses, pink roses,purple carnations, hydrangeas and dianthus.


Apart from roses we have many options still left next up we have sunflowers. These flowers are huge and gorgeous. Sunflowers have a long stem so you can cut it according to your bouquet. You can go for an easy breezy vibe by taking the flowers as it is and wrap them around with twine for a handpicked effect. You can also go with a bouquet of sunflowers and red roses. The colors red and blue compliment each other really well. Do not forget to add greens to your bouquet to fill it in. Order with Virginia flower.

Gerbera Daisies:

From colorful to yellow, let's come back to vibrant flowers that have a wide shade range. We are talking about gerbera daisies. These flowers look like miniature sunflowers. These belong to the family of daisies and come in beautiful colors like red, pink, hot pink, yellow, white, orange and more. You can create a bouquet with these by just picking up these flowers, or you can add these with another flower like roses and lilies. A bouquet full of gerberas be it single color, contrast or multiple it looks and smells awesome. Get easy flower delivery in Norfolk VA.

Mixed Flower Theme:

A versatile flower with various shades and types, lilies are a common fresh cut flower. Known for their shape, big petals and colors. For a bouquet for friendship you can go with yellow roses, yellow gerberas, and yellow lilies along with some green. If not yellow you can go with a pink theme with light pink lilies, hot pink carnations and roses.

    Apart from friendship day you can get birthday flowers delivery in virginia beach. Friendship no matter how rough the times have been stays put, keeps you going and keeps you motivated.

    To be grateful for your special bond, get flower delivery in virginia beach.

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