Flowers for Independence Day 4th of July

The thought of buying flowers on Independence Day may not come to mind.

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There is no occasion where flowers do not fit. Likewise, Independence Day celebrations are also incomplete without flowers. The thought of buying flowers on Independence Day may not come to mind. But then decorating your space with the right flowers (red, white, and blue) enhances the overall spirit of the day. Daughters Flowers creates special Independence Day flower arrangements that can add an instant charm to your 4th July decorations.

So, take a look at the best Independence Day flowers that you can use for decorations or send someone.

1. Roses

    Roses are common in Independence Day celebrations. Since roses are available in different colors, they are widely used to create a patriotic bouquet using blue, white, and red flowers. Rose, being the national flower of the US, is a part of all patriotic events. Pick red roses or white roses for Independence Day and spark the perfect emotions of the patriot within. Virginia Beach florists offer a wide variety of floral arrangements made with roses, especially for Independence Day. You can pick a bunch of red representing the passion and love for your country or the white ones to express purity, love, and trust.

    2. Hydrangea

      Hydrangeas are big and beautiful blooms that show gratitude when used for Independence Day bouquets. These pastel-colored flowers also radiate nobility and peace. So, the hydrangea flower arrangement is the ideal choice for 4th July. The flowers are also available in different shades like sky blue, pink, purple, lavender, white, etc. You can pick any color hydrangea, and add baby’s breath to make your Independence Day decorations look more charming. To send someone your wishes, avail flower delivery in Virginia Beach and send them a stunning Independence Day bouquet.

      3. Orchids

        Another flower perfect for Independence Day celebrations is orchids. Purple, pink, and white orchids are used a lot for Independence Day flower arrangements. They are a part of the parade decorations too. You can get orchids to decorate your home as well. Place them in a vase as a centerpiece or get a gorgeous floral arrangement that has orchids, carnations, roses, etc. Orchids symbolize love and strength. Hence, they are perfect for Independence Day celebrations.

        4. Dianthus

          Dianthus flowers are unique. They are used with roses, pansies, and gerberas to make beautiful Independence Day bouquets. These blooms symbolize affection, gratitude, and admiration. They are available in different colors like purple, blue, and red, and look stunning in flower arrangements. Dianthus’ fragrance resembles that of carnations. They have a spicy scent. Further, the flowers also look a little like carnations but smaller in size. Thus, you can send someone a bouquet of Dianthus to wish them a happy Independence Day. To get the flowers delivered within hours, avail same day flower delivery in Norfolk VA.

          5. Salvia

          Salvia flowers look great in Independence Day bouquets. They are available in red, white, lavender, and blue colors. Blue salvias are connected to healing. The flowers are said to represent wisdom, good health, and long life. You can use simple salvia bouquets in jars for your Independence Day decorations. You can also pair them with roses, gerberas, pansies, etc. Further, you can also get beautiful candles from local stores like tyler candle company and pair them up with a salvia centerpiece.

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